in the blood

surging in my blood,
calls for your brand;
the sound of your name
is a ready drug,
and i arrive to the scene,
my mind’s already toxic
with the taste of you,
buried deep.

if i bleed,
can i bleed you out?

but your voice betray me,
deep and low,
hiding in murmurs,
cooing your sins
with the whispers
of what you want to do.

i lose my placement,
forget how to breathe
when you’re the chaos
in my disarray;
step to step,
you up the scale
and i keep losing footing
of where i should stand.

you’re a certain kind
of criminal,
much like the devil,
promising heavens.

how do i place you
if i’m unfastened –
you move like sin,
and i’m left wondering
of your illusion
that you hold.

should i starve you out
from the taste of you,
or is the damage much too done?

the sway

walked right in
on the center stage
and my eyes are drawn
to the way you stand,
standing as if
the wind brought you in,
just passing through.
but the way you move
is a tornado
with your traces
in everything
you leave behind.

roll in like a breeze,
leave a tornado.
left wondering
of my shelter
from the storm,
but i can’t seem to tear
my eyes from you.

it’s a slow motion

bruises torn
from the weathered
but the taste of you
is as strange,
tangible to touch,
invisible to try.

you pull the roots
from where i stand,
and pave the way
for seeds to fall.

so i wait
for the world to stop breathing.


you make me forget
what i told myself
to remember,
and my mind’s a hurricane
at last,
simmering down.

met the eye of the storm;
met you once,
and my world is turned,
but my foundation
is still rooted
with the pictures
on the walls
counting clocks
in a still frame.

i left myself in the basement
and kept my ear to the ground,
kept waiting
for the earth to shudder.

everything’s been upturned
that the stillness is strange,
and i’m looking for the cracks
where the world is weighted on.

i’m standing where
it’s giving in,
and i’m giving in
where it’s breaking through,
but somehow
you make me forget,
what i’m standing on.

love & loss

we talked about love
’til morning came
and lost the search
for the moon.

the morning rain
fell to stars in your eyes,
the same stars we stole
away from Greek tragedies
as you become the light
that i see
when i wake.

and we talked about loss,
how love disappears,
and let the stories
in the

the chill between
our bodies that
we said were chained
and any evidence of your hurricane
remain in dream
whenever i wake.

similarities in the common tongue

you’re different,
of the different flavor of the
same damage,
and i lost my taste in you.

you’re familiar,
the devil’s in your name,
but your name’s a strange one,
of a stranger i’ve yet to meet.

comparing all the sins
we have done,
and i wonder of the ones
i had to make,
and just how far gone did i go
to leave it all behind
if my steps lead me right back to you
with a different face,
but the same name?

the same name
in a different hand,
but your cursive becomes a print
and i know you
by your signature.

too many autographs;
i become the expert in
analyzing the
writing on the wall.

so let me erase
your name and your taste
from my tongue.

Damnable Notions


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